Adding pages and url's

I have a wordpress website but whenever I add a new page I seem to have to use the full url.

Example adding pages via the pages section in wordpres I get this:

but adding it manually I get this:

How do I get around this as sometimes I need to manually add additional pages?

Why you don’t try the .php on PAGES plugin… it’s will get you ride of this!

ok did that but the unwanted string in my url is still there.

It’s not that I want .php on the end. The issue is that I have added additional pages so instead of getting i’m getting:

Installing that plugin above has not got rid of the wp-content/themes/StyleShop

If you are adding pages to a WordPress site outside of WordPress then I don’t think you can easily achieve what you are looking to do. WordPress builds pages dynamically and in doing so builds each URl. My guess would that adding a page manually means that WordPress won’t even know it is there.

I might be wrong but to get wordpress to include your manually added pages in its permalink structure, you will need more than a plugin!

I wonder if you could do it with an iframe?

You can get plugins for that but I guess it would be fairly straightforward to achieve in the text editor. I’ve never used an iframe intentionally. You could modify your manually added page to remove the content you don’t need and then call it into the page with an iframe?


so can I not add additional pages at all? Is there not a way to add whatever.php and add some template php in place to all in whatever needs to be called or whatever it is that makes the url’s like that?

Yes of course, you can add content in many different ways. I think all I was trying to say was that I don’t think you can add content outside of wordpress and share the same permalink structured as content added inside wordpress which I thought was your original question.

You could try creating a new page and give it the title you want which will form the URL and then add your content in the text editor rather than the visual editor. You could copy an existing page and make it into a page template When you’ve got that, add your own unique content then use that template when you create the new page.

yea ok I’ll check that way out the template way. I think that might be the best, I’ll give it a go. Many thanks