Adding new form fields to a template in a WordPress theme

So I wanted to insert a few new fields into the Booking form in a hotel website. It’s built in WordPress, using the theme (nice_hotel:…/nice-hotel-wordpress-theme/2661854)

I attempted to do this myself… Look at the changes I’ve made please. To do this, you can compare the original template code and the edited code - I put them on github, see links below. When I click ‘Submit’, I’m getting a 405 error.

This is the original file…

This is the edited file…

The site domain hasn’t yet been transferred, so the site can be found at:
You have to click on ‘Accomodations’, click on ‘Details’ for any of the hotel rooms on that page, then enter your Date From and Date To dates (using the date-picker) then hit ‘Book Now’ to see the form that I’m talking about…

Can anyone help with this? I hope I have properly explained myself.

Could you please fix the links to your github code? Thanks.

@Webmachine …site moderator helped with the link change…check now. Sorry for the inconvenience…and thank you…:blush:

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