Adding Markers to a Map Using the Google Maps API and jQuery

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Hi, great clear article. I just got a little lost as to where the #showmarkers button comes from? Thanks

thank you - it works! even with jquery’s load function that uses (window).

thanks again!

Hi hallodom,

Yes, there is a button in the HTML with the ID of “showmarkers”. If you download the sample code you’ll be able to see it.

This was a great tutorial. Do you happen to have any examples of querying the sql server database and creating a markers xml file from the results?

Great article, however when I include my api key it fails. Also how can I display the markers by default?

aamabbutt, what do you mean it fails when you include your api key?

To display the markers by default, just run the marker display code on page load instead of when the button is clicked.

Dear Madhuri & Mona,
I wonder if we can do exactly similar to what you have precisely done here in Android?

I’d highly appreciate your suggestion and timely guidance.

This is all working perfectly until I click on the markers. They are getting the correct lat and long and showing up in the correct places, but when I click on the markers the information (ie ‘name’ and ‘address’) isn’t showing up. Any suggestions?