Adding a Wordpress archive to a new (static) site

I’ve been asked to take over the site for a local group. It was originally built in Wordpress, which I’ve never used, but as the site is pretty much static (it’s for an annual event, so has one major update per year) and the group doesn’t want to update it themselves, Wordpress isn’t needed and I had no intention of using it.

However, today they’ve announced that they really want the archives from the old site kept. As an additional problem here, the previous web designer has left the area and isn’t responding to e-mails, so I have no administrative access to either the domain or the existing site. I can view the site, copy the source for each page and download any associated images, but that’s a fairly time-consuming and tedious job. Is there an easier way to go about it? Would there be an easier way to go about it if I could get admin. access to the Wordpress site?

You may be quicker using HTTrack software.

Thanks, Rubble - I’ll look into that. :slight_smile: