Adding a form with payment button to wordpress site


I have never incorporated any payment systems into a web page before. I just created a wordpress website for a local club. They have a membership form that they would like to have members complete online at the clubs’ website. At the end of the form, they would like a button that when you click on in, 1) it sends the membership information to the membership chair via email and 2) it sends the payment to the bank that our checking account is set up at.

Is there a wordpress plugin that can do this? Or would you suggest some other route? I am no programmer so I wouldn’t be able to create a form like this myself.

The membership form is quite lengthy. It can be seen at this link:

Any advice would be appreciated.


The first option would to look through WP’s plugin directory to see if there is something you can use -

If you wanted to accept payments at the same time you’d need some sort of ecommerce plugin that allows you to add options to a product (where the product is the member info). To take payments you’d need to use a 3rd party payment processor such as Stripe or Paypal who will process the card for you then transfer the monies into whatever bank account you specify.