Add Two Email address to email form

Hello, I need to add an extra email address to my email form. How would I do it. Here is the coding from the current form

$mailTo = '';
$name = htmlspecialchars($_POST['name']);
$lname = htmlspecialchars($_POST['surname']);
$mailFrom = htmlspecialchars($_POST['email']);
$phone = htmlspecialchars($_POST['phone']);
$subject = 'Message from your site';
$message_text = htmlspecialchars($_POST['message']);

$message =  'From: '.$name.' '.$lname.' Phone: '.$phone.'; Email: '.$mailFrom.' ; Message: '.$message_text;

mail($mailTo, $subject, $message);

If you look up the mail() function in PHP, you will see for the “to” field there is multiple options. Second bullet down is what you want…

In short, just use a comma between the mail addresses… $mailto=',';

I hope this is what you were looking for. :slight_smile:

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I have done it for you this time.