Add signature to FB page

hey how can we add signature on FB page?

What are you talking about specifically? I’m not following you when you say “how can we add signature”. Can you please clarify?

Why would you want to? If someone is interested in your comment, they can click your user name and take a look at your Facebook page. If you’re looking to add a signature to promote your own page or business, you’re using Facebook in the wrong way for the wrong reasons.

there is no such option on Facebook for adding signature. you can add links but all are nofollow.

yeah I totally agree with you that there is no such option like this in Facebook. We can put facebook icon on your email address or account.

I only saw signatures in Forums. But I didn’t encounter signature in Facebook yet. Maybe your talking about something, can you please elaborate this.


As noted in all of the replies there is no “signature” on Facebook. Pages can have contact information but it won’t appear on a posting (nor should it).

We can only insert our link on facebook . Also no benefit of it because all are no follow links but we get large traffic source .

Seems this is cased closed – there are no signature links on Facebook.