Add pagination WordPress plugin (data rows from MySQL database)


I’m using a WordPress plugin called Football Pool ( Great plugin but I miss the pagination on the ranking page. When you have about 20 participants it is no big deal but when you have over 1000 participants it is a big deal. Long loading time and a very long list.

I noticed a class in this plugin with pagination in it. So the author allready made something for it. But I have no idea how to use this class because my php knowledge is not that good.

Maybe it is very easy and someone from Sitepoint can help me out.

In the function “print_pool_ranking” inside the file “class-football-pool-pool.php” is printing the ranking table with all the rows of participants data. So I think I have to add something there to make pagination work or something. To be honest, I really dont know…

Hopefully somebody can help me:)

In the attachment I added the three files I think it is al about.