Add new template to twenty seventeen child theme

Creating a child theme based on the new Twenty Seventeen WP theme.
So I grabbed the index page off the parent theme.
copied it to the folder of the child theme.
Renamed it “newpage.php”
Inside at the top I created the code that would normally create a new template

 Template Name: newPage
get_header(); ?>

Saved everything, reloaded, etc. went to create a new page, but I don’t get dropdown with the choice of default or the newPage template.

So am wondering if with this theme things are done a differently?

Thank you

How things are done shouldn’t have anything to do with the theme. I’m wondering if it has something to do with what you named the file. There is a specific hierarchy of templates in WordPress, so I would be inclined to name the file page-new.php. Try that and see if it changes anything.

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