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Just about have my website done, and realized a design issue…

If a user is busy listening to music and looking at photos - thanks to @coothead’s cook modal window!! - and then they want to go to another gallery, they have two options - neither of which is great…

1.) Click on the “Back” button a hundred times to get back to the gallery menu

2.) Click on “MySite” in the header and return to the home page where they will have to log in again before returning to the gallery menu

That being said, it seems like the easiest way to fix this is to add a hyperlink directly to the gallery menu page - assuming they are already logged in.

So I want my mast to keep the same look and feel, but add a simple hyperlink to the far right - unless someone has a better idea?

The only way I know how to do this is with a Float, but when I did that, the hyperlink appears below the mast, though technically still within it.

Attached is some sample code.

sp_add-link-to-mast.html (3.8 KB)

Since my Mast is fixed, that complicates things…

What is the best way to accomplish what I want, write clean HTML/CSS, and not break my current design?


Does this… (597.4 KB)



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Sorry for the late response - I have been traveling the last two days.

You are beautiful!!

Amazing what a few lines of code can do to fix a problem and make my website much more usable!!

Thanks, and Happy 2020!! :+1:

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