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I have been building an inventory and production management system for a local commercial nursery in PHP/Javascript using a MySQL database. They have asked me to expand the project to add a sales component. I have the database schema completed, but I am running into a user interface issue that I have not been able to solve, nor have I found much in the way of options.

The requirement is for an invoice management flow that would allow the internal user to select from a list of over 1800 crops to select a specific crop to include i on the invoice. The desired user experience would be to have the crop selected from a drop-down which would then enter the key data of that crop into a row in the invoice detail form populating the fields in the row. (item number description, price and available inventory). The user would then simply enter the number of units being sold.

I have been able to do this in the past in a Microsoft Access environment using a subform. The equivalent would be a Master/Detail form where the Master holds the customer and delivery information, and the detail would be the line items in that order.

I have been told that a PHP framework would be needed to provide this functionality, but I am not sure I have the time to get up to speed with even the more straightforward frameworks in time for the project. I would appreciate any thoughts on my options, or even how best to word my search to find answers. Thanks all!

Which specific part of this workflow are you having a problem with, I’m not quite clear about that.

That sounds like a very long drop-down, is that the problem?
Two things spring to mind. either a search function, or maybe categorise the crops to reduce the list length. So the user first picks a category, then the list for that category only is shown for selection.

I agree about the length of the list, but I was hoping that autocomplete would allow the user to narrow down the choices. My bigger issue is the process by which I could get the results to populate a row on the invoice AND then repeat the process for as many products as the user is including on the invoice. Most are between 15-20 products.

I am looking to fill in rows of the detail in this manner and then the user would simply enter the quantity being sold.


There are many possible implementations.

By searching on Google you can find countless examples with MySQL, PHP, jQuery to do the job.

For example:

You have to understand that nobody can build a full fledged solution in your place. Start small and then build upon it and when you have something to show then it is good to ask.

Regarding if PHP is a good option? Sure, it’s free, mySQL as database, depends, front-end frameworks/libraries - free.

You could even build it with Python (server side), postgreSQL db and Javascript on front-end.

Or any Jamstack combo, or .NET ASP.

I would personally go with most relevant and future proof solution where the technologies will still be alive after few years.

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