Add 2 numbers of the same object

when the numbers add up i got with the s1 = 40
and with s2 = 10, but this is not what i want i dont know why it does this, it only adds up correctly if i put the same number in it like example


then it does work. but for the rest not

    function Summer(){
        this.add = function(getal){
            this.NewGetal = getal;
            this.getCurrentSum = function(){
                this.som = this.NewGetal + this.NewGetal;
                return this.som;
    var s1 = new Summer();
    var s2 = new Summer();


    // prints 30
    // prints 35

Your add() method doesn’t actually add anything, it just sets NewGetal to a new value; only when calling getCurrentSum() a summation takes place, but not to the current sum but it doubles the current NewGetal value. This would give you the expected results:

function Summer () {
  this.sum = 0

  this.add = function (value) {
    this.sum += value

  this.getCurrentSum = function () {
    return this.sum

thanks for the response, i appreciate it

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