Ad placements: checks vs cc/paypal & multiple sites

I’ve noticed since the economy has become thinner, more advertisers seem to take this as a license to make “counteroffers” for quoted advertising space. Wasn’t expecting that! But I can understand this when there is not as much to go around.

At any rate, assuming that more of these “variable rates” are accepted for price points, setting up credit card/PayPal processing becomes more complicated and less practical. Thus, making the business checking or savings account more appealing – until you now discover that all banks are “required by the 911 and Patriot Act” to have the checking account holders first file business names with the state in which they reside. More to the point, a way to pull $50 from each and every person now wanting to open a business account. - Some might say this could be considered a money making setup. I would tend to agree. It’s a disincentive at the least.

Well operating several websites I’m debating on whether to open individual checking accounts, but probably won’t, given the few transactions and setup costs. Or choose a PayPal account having a name which is a somewhat off base for the individual sites (along with a checking account by the same name for all sites) that was originally intended to take payments for mobile sites from a .com site …“Users Mobile”


It doesn’t cost anything to open a business checking account at most banks. I certainly didn’t pay anything for any of mine. Those mentioned acts do require banks to verify who they’re opening an account with, which just means I had to show a drivers license and a photocopy of my business registration. Had my account open in a few minutes each time.

Don’t do business under a different name at each website. Either use your own real name, and have advertisers write the checks to you, or use one business name. A DBA costs something like $10 or $20 to register in most counties. If you’re doing any significant kind of revenue from your websites, meet with a CPA/accountant and figure out what kind of business, if any, would save you the most in taxes. Forming a business without any partners, if you have reason to, is painless and cheap. An LLC costs around $100 in most states and you only have to fill out a form that’s about a page long and mail it in to do so.

State of Ohio charges $50 to file which the banks now require.

Previously I opened business accounts without this as well, but according to the state this is now required.

What’s your opinion, Dan, about the “Users Mobile” name being associated with a financial site, a how-to home improvement site, a shopping/cost saver site and others? Would the advertisers hessitate given the unrelated name?

Take a look at Chase. They keep sending
me coupons for a $200 credit to open a
business checking account with them.

So even if there is a $50 fee, you’re still
$150 ahead.

I think they even have this offer coupon
if you have a credit card with them.

Checked with a payment gateway I have setup for other sites and I could add more sites to the plan.

However my concern is potential chargebacks. Which companies could attempt 3+ mo’s down the line. With some merchant accounts 12 months.

This is for banner advertising with all sales final, basically no guarantee that the banners will result in business for the companies. An advantage that checks have. Although, even though things are being done in the best of faith, with checks too comes the chance of NSF, which I would account for in the agreement.