Accordion+Slider Javascript combination for a large FAQ page?

My site contains an FAQ with lots of text/image content, so I’ve decided to split it up into 3 sections.
Furthermore, a Mootools based slide accordion will be used for each of these. Should make things neat and tidy IMHO.

A separate Mootools site-navigation accordion will link to the FAQ page. That page will have 3 tabs for choosing the FAQ sections and each section will contain a copy of the same slide-accordion.
To spice things up a little I thought a nice “Coda” type horizontal slider would be ideal, such as this Jquery Coda slider. I was wondering:

  1. is it possible to find a Mootools 1.11 “Coda” type slider?
    My two accordions above are using it and I thought I’d make the site more efficient by sharing the same code (so far I’ve only found a Mootools 1.2 based Coda slider, but I have no idea how to upgrade either the 1.11 accordions or downgrade the 1.2 slider.

  2. the Coda slider demos I’ve seen so far seem to load all the content in one go and simply slide between them. Is there a simple way to just load the content of the FAQ section you’ve chosen (by clicking its tab), but leaving the other two alone for now (using AJAX perhaps?). I’m afraid that loading the whole FAQ in one go will make those pages slow and bulky.

I’m no programmer, so if this becomes too complicated I might just go for a tabbed solution, but dynamically loading each section as I go along would be nice.

Here’s a quick sketch of what I’m talking about: