Accordion JQUERY Question

hello, i am new to SEO and it happens that our company is building a site which they uses of accordion jquery. My question is, is it alright to use accordion jquery? the accordion creates url with #. for example: exmple/accordion/number1.hml. then when use the accordion the generated url will be exmple/accordion/number1.hml#page1 ; exmple/accordion/number1.hml/#page2. is there a big effect in SEO or is there any way to remove the #page1 and #page2?


Those kinds of URL are fine in principle. It’s common to have URLs like that that are links to specific parts of your page. Google takes no notice of your JS, anyway, just your HTML, so it’s not an SEO issue.

The bigger issue is that those links will be dead with JS off, and that’s a shame. It would be better to construct the accordion in such a way that you don’t have dead links like that in the HTML. The content should be accessible even with JS off.

thanks for the reply, actually that’s what i am thinking of, sorry if i can’t post the url of the website, it’s currently unavailable since it’s in the production state.

well what i am planning is to use the accordion and then link those content to another page. is it a good idea?

I’m not quite sure what you are describing there.

it goes like this, will be using accordion jquery and inside there’s a preview of the product content.

In that case, what you describe sounds fine.

thanks for the response. i appreciate it. but i am still open for some suggestions on how to improve the jquery script.

We’d need to see it to suggest how to improve it. There are accordion scripts out there that merely enhance what is perfectly good, accessible HTML, which is the ideal.

thanks, ralph.m!