Accordion is not working on firefox

Can i get solution of this shahzadsiddiqui8?

Hi, mohitrane69,

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As you can see, shahzadsiddiqui8 did not post his solution. You can send him a private message and ask him to share his solution with you. He will see your message the next time he visits these Forums.

You could also read our posting guidelines and post your code here or a link to your test site along with a description of the problem you are having and we can try to help.

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how to send private message?

What do you see when you click on “shahzadsiddiqui8” in the line above?

If you go to "shahzadsiddiqui8"s information page and see an orange “message” button in the top right of the window, then you can click that “message” button to compose a private message.

If you cannot click the name, or if you do not see a “message” button, then please wait a few minutes until a moderator can answer your question or offer to help.

You will need to reach Trust Level 1 in order to initiate a private message.

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