Accessing sessionstorage variable from different tab of same browser

I have a react based application (with URL starting like https://myproject/project which I am accessing in one tab of Firefox browser and the application is storing a variable value in sessionStorage.

I have another application running locally with URL http://localhost:8080/secondapp/index.html.
So, in this second application, I’m trying to get the value of sessionStorage item that react based application has stored. But I always get null whenever I try to retrieve the value and console log it. Why is it like this?

Is it because I’ve different URLs?

big bold bulletpoint. Also the yellow box. and the words “current origin”

Oh, thanks. I need to put my other application inside react based application then so that both will open in same tab and I can access the variable.

My response to that is “…probably.”

Ok, thanks. I’ll test that.