Accessible Drop-down menus

Hi again,

I understand that simple CSS drop-down menus are not accessible, in that they they only function if you use a mouse.

Does anyone know of a simple, accessible, drop-down menu that even a newbie like myself could use in a site please?



No dropdown menus are totally accessible—even those that use JS—but a good menu (even CSS-based) can be accessed via the keyboard alone. Check out this, for example: (and a related thread here:

You can use Dreamweaver. It is easy for a newbie. Check this link

That link is for a drop-down menu option in a form; I’m pretty sure 13adger is asking about drop-down navigation menus.

Also, the point of the question is accessibility, and as far as I know, Dreamweaver doesn’t score too highly there - although I may be wrong.

You can use Web menu Professional software to create your own and paste the code in you page. Navigation menu gives your web page a professional look and attract visitors.

Thanks, yes I was talking about Navigation menus. But they have to work for people who are not able to use a mouse.

I haven’t found one yet, so have come up with a different design which avoids the need for drop-downs. But thank you all for your help.

I think it’s better to avoid dropdowns anyhow, but for the record, that link I posted above is to a dropdown navigation that is keyboard accessible (that is, usable without a mouse).

Thanks so much Ralph. I’ve saved your code for next time, but since the site is all about Accessibility, I’ve decided this one in particular needs to show ‘best practice’.

Will play with your menu when I have a mo, and look forward to seeing how it works!