Access data originating from HTML forms

Hi my php tutorial says that:

Create a file p-3-1.php with the following info:

//File p-3-1.php;

  • simple, secondly, create a multiform, HTML form which I did.
  • Then point this file to the browser, basically fill in the form and “SEND” the data.
    Then it says When this form is executed it displays “an extensive report on the status of the php server and values of the forms” variables.

Now, my form is fine/done, but when I click on the submit button only a blank screen appears which displays nothing.

I would really like to know why this is please I am only learning php?

Info: I have placed both files on my local XAMPP server in the same directory.
Thank you

You need a semicolon ; after phpinfo()

It should look like:

Oh sorry, my code does look like that, sorry, its still not showing any info…only a white blank screen.

Does the code"phpinfo();" actually bring out the variable information? Why is mine not showing?

Yes it shows you all the variables, serer information etc. No idea why its not working.

What is your setup? Do you have a server with php installed?

Well, I have XAMPP, been running for a while.
Apparently that allready has php installed? Is that right?..

Yes, xampp has PHP installed. This is odd. Have you tried looking in the apache error logs? - That should always be your first port of call.

Ok, Im new to this where do I go to do this?


To access a page on your own server as it is served by the server you have to put an address like this in your browser, usually one of these two:


Is that what you are doing?

He must be because otherwise he would see his php as text in the browser and he’s saying its a blank white screen.

Hmmm Im lost - it seems. Could you pls tell me from XAMPP control panel open - where do I go from there? Apache > Admin?


That was a file path i gave you - not a xampp menu.

I don’t know what directory or drive you have xampp installed on so you will have to find it yourself and then use the path i gave you to get into the apache logs.

Ok, thanks