Accepting Bitcoin Payments with WordPress

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Whether you’re looking to expand the reach of your company by offering new payment options or if you’re just looking to be an early adopter of a hot technology, accepting Bitcoin payments for goods and services can be a great option for businesses. Of course before you start accepting Bitcoin on your WordPress site, you should read this introduction to Bitcoin, which discusses the many advantages and risks of accepting cryptocurrencies for your business.

Why Use a Bitcoin Gateway?

Although Bitcoin carries significant risks due to it being volatile, most Bitcoin payment gateways allow you to convert Bitcoin to your native currency instantly. This ensures that if Bitcoin were to take a dive in value, your gateway would automatically adjust the Bitcoin price to equal what you would get if the user paid with a traditional currency.

Most leading Bitcoin gateways function as a traditional merchant account allowing you to process Bitcoin transactions just like you would a credit card. The process is fairly straightforward and requires virtually no additional technical expertise on your end.

While choosing to accept Bitcoin isn’t a decision which can be made instantly, in general if your business focuses on selling to customers across the globe or you work in an industry with a high charge back risk, accepting Bitcoin can make sense for your business.

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