Accept credit cards through online interface

Does anyone know of or use a good online, web-based credit card terminal?

I DON’T WANT TO ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS THROUGH MY WEBSITE. I just want to dump my terminal on my land line and switch to a web based service. I have seen them used before, and many looked nice, I just can’t seem to track any down. Looking for something like this:

Ideally something without monthly minimums, monthly fees, etc.
Ideally something that can take advantage of Android.
Ideally something that would allow a small card reader to be integrated into it for a lower swipe rate.

Thanks for any insight!!

I have been researching different payment systems and I’ve decided to use Paypal in the meantime. I have to other recommendations ClickBank because I will be setting up reoccuring payments for my clients. I also will try The only thing is they all have fees tied to them. I use Paypal app for Iphone as well.

I have a couple clients that are trying out Square for their credit card processing. They offer an iPad, iPhone or Android card reader for swiping and manual entry (at a higher rate of course) but they claim no monthly fees or hidden costs. They just signed up for it, so no results back yet, but looks pretty nice.

How about Square?

Mobile scanning. Web interface. No set or monthly fees.

I recommend to all of my clients and I’ve never heard a complaint. I know you don’t want a web API but theirs is very good. Alternatively they’ve got a great web portal to run CC transactions like you described.