Absolute Positioning elements

a simple override of left:29px

Would be using:

none, inherit or initial

But I’ve never used the last 2 elements in code before.

This seems confusing to me because I’ve never done this before.

Try it, and see what happens. Then read HTML/CSS references and see if that is what should happen. That’s how most people expand their knowledge. Most don’t have a trough from which to feed.


When you make a statement like that, what are you referring to as your source of reliable information in this instance?

What would you do to apply that override?



I was told to do something I’ve never done before.

And so, I don’t understand how it’s done.

@chrisofarabia has explained what your choices are. Have you tried to implement an override? If so, what happened; if not, why not?

You DO know from 2 years of experience here that an override is simply the desired code property usually placed after the orginal property and with the same or greater specificity so it overrides the original, don’t you?

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Have you tried to implement an override?

I’ve never used it in code before.

no one has ever brought it up to me before.

I think you miss the point. I understand exactly where it was suggested that you need to implement an override and who said that, but you then said that none, inherit or initial would be that override.

What did you read that makes you think that these form the basis of the override you need?


I was reading a post on there I googled.

Are you using a desktop computer? Do you see the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of your window? Click that icon and type in the field “asasass override” and hit the return key.

huh, I don’t get it.

Please post a link to what you read, so we can understand the information in the context of the question it was originally intended to answer.

At least 17 posts contain the strings “asasass” and “override” meaning that using overrides has been brought up wth you at least 17 times before.

I opened up too many stackoverflow links, I will not be able to find it.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe that at all. Please go through your browser history.

I had already closed and opened my browser so none of the links are saved.

And in which of those posts does someone explain how to use an override in a code?

Someone may have typed the word ‘override,’ but in none of them does someone say how to use/implement an override.

You may have to “google”, or “stack overflow”, or just read around to find out how it’s done.



All those are from the last two weeks, and I know I’ve been over this before then, too.

I’m not referring to that. This is different.

In what way is it different?

Please explain more clearly what you are referring to.