About quora traffic on the blog or website

Hi there.I saw many times on Google if I try to know something then Google show some blog and professional websites. But one thing is I marked the "quora"is seen every time .which have some information about my questions, so please Tell Me it is good to make a "space"on quora ? For getting traffic on the blog or website :confused: ?

Why not try and see what happens?

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Do you have interesting and worthwhile contributions to make on Quora? Then go ahead and join in. Or will you just be posting for the sake of posting, in the mistaken belief that it will magically attract traffic to your site? In that case, don’t bother.

If you post genuinely original and useful content - on Quora or anywhere else - people will like it and want to read more that you have written. They may choose to visit your site to find out more. If your posts are uninteresting, or made just for the sake of posting, nobody will care and you’ll just be ignored.

Have you taken time to visit any other member’s profile here on the forum? If so, what made you do it? Was it because they had posted something interesting or helpful and you wanted to know more about them? Can you post content on Quora which will make others feel the same way about you?


Yes, try it, and find yourself some EASY questions to answer. I recommend joining the space “Trolling the Homework”. Trolling will bring more views to your content and probably your profile.

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Yes, this is a great way to drive traffic to the site.
Plus you can make your own FAQ section on the site.

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Just that sentence…

Is your website related to homework? Is it related to the homework subjects you’re answering questions about?

I do not ascribe to the belief that ‘all traffic is good traffic’. If your website is about taking travel journeys or making major purchases, ‘trolling’ a homework math forum to draw children to your site is not beneficial.

Answer question on Quora to answer questions. Answer them with the purpose of explaining. If you’re just there to scrape for site clicks, you’re wasting peoples’ time.


Is my site related to homework? In a way.
Of course you don’t troll homework if you want to help others do their homework; trolling can help you show that you have knowledge. I’ve got tired of trolling.
The important thing is that you have to stand out.
One more thing: I don’t care to answer a question seriously after what I saw this morning.

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Quora is amazing for lots of purposes. Firstly, you can get a lot of information for virtually any topic that might interest you. Secondly, it is a great place to genuinely contribute and help others gain knowledge in topics you know more about.

Maintaining the traffic of your website is hard. But I would suggest getting exposure to your site in Quora only if you feel like the content you’re posting provides valuable information the questions that are being asked on Quora. I know there are countless benefits of better SEO but focusing on providing real information and knowledge will get you better results in the long-term.

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Make a space on Quora is a good way to create awareness about your business. This is also do your branding and increase your website’s traffic.

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Yes, you can make an account on quora. And you can give answers to the questions related to your niche.
And also, in the answer, you can include a link to your website.
This will drive a lot of traffic.

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OP hasn’t returned and the replies are becoming repetitive.

Thanks to all who replied.

Topic closed.

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