About <<<MySQL ..... MySQL;

private function buildDB() {
$sql = <<<MySQL_QUERY
title VARCHAR(150),
bodytext TEXT,
created VARCHAR(100)

return mysql_query($sql);


what does it mean by :<<<MySQL in this php method? I want a clear idea about it

It means a malformed string.

<< is a bitwise shift operator.
" is a string starter.
<<< can be a HEREDOC or NOWDOC declared string (which… is what this appears to be attempting to do).
Based on the rest of the lines, it should say $sql = <<<MySQL_QUERY CREATE...

You need to be aware if you’re not already that the mysql_* extension was depreceated in version 5.5 of PHP and is being removed in version 7. You should now be using either the mysqli_* extension or PDO. Whether you use the mysqli_* extension or PDO, remember to always use prepared statements when dealing with any user submitted data in a query.

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