About Magento website


I want to design and code a magento website for selling old products,

I just learnt the basic things in magento and i know photoshop for designing.

I want to know about these things like.

1.what are the basic steps for creating the ecommerce website

2.what payment options i can use,how to integrate them,

3.what is SSL certificate ??

anything important should i add to the website?


Magento is a very good selling platform. Just like with any system you will have to develop a theme.

Magento theme has many components, so it might be worth to do some research and get a theme which is close to the design that you want to have. Modifying that would be far less work than starting from the beginning.

For payments you can use Paypal, if you open a merchant account with paypal you will be able to take credit card payments on your site without visitors leaving your site. Magento has many other payment getaways options so it depends on what you want.

You can get an SSL certificate from most of web hosts. When you apply for a certificate, you will be asked to provide your details which will be attached to the certificate. Once you receive it, from your hosting control pannel you will be able to install it. After that you will be able to use https protocol. This way the data send between the server and client is encrypted which is needed when handling sensitive information (user registrations, password, credit card details)…

Hope this helps, if need anything else, let me know.

Thanks for your reply sir,iam new to this magento software,and i just learnt php,i want to do the website by myself so that i can learn more
about magento,Can i do it by myself??because i dont have any knowlegde about payment methods,

Yes you can set up the Magento shop yourself. I would suggest to buy a theme for your website as Magento customisation requires a good knowledge of PHP/Zend Framework.

Contact your web host and tell them you are planning to run a Magento website. Not every hosting is good for Magento. On a wrong hosting your Magento will be slow.

As far as payments, all you need is an account the Paypal. Magento comes with Paypal configured, all you need is the email address associated with your Paypal account. You might want to test few transactions first, for that you can open a sandbox testing account with Paypal.

I’m sure magento offers some basic templates for free that you can customize to suit your needs and design. If you are already comfortable with photoshop and some php then you should have no problem customizing the free templates coding to give your site an original design. You should try using one of these templates before you pick one to buy! :smiley:
Let us know how you get on! :slight_smile:

@littlemisschic I agree, there must be free themes as well. Look around but double check that the theme version is compatible with the version of Magento you will be using.