About fullPage.js

Hi guys, kinda newbie with this forum and with Jquery and JavaScript, maybe someone with much more experience can throw some light…

I`m working with fullPage.js, an amazing scrolling framework.

I need to have the site working like this:


As you can see in the .jpg when the site loads and people click or scroll to the right using the slideshow, there’s 4 slides there, when they catch the last one users can only go down. No other behavior is allow.

Now i have this working just for the horizontal line, in the following way:

  • People can not go back because there is no previous button.
  • When people get to the last horizontal slide the next button navigation disappear.

Now i need to create another section down and i need that one just works on the last slide numbered as 4 in the jpg. Not allow to pass there in the slide 1, 2 or 3.

Any ideas. ?? How can i do that… ?

Thanks in advanced. !!