About creatin Plan in paypal?

Looking at this doc http://paypal.github.io/PayPal-PHP-SDK/sample/doc/billing/CreatePlan.html

  1. I see that setFrequency can has several possible values, but which values except ‘Month’ are possible?
  2. I suppose that under my developers account(sandbox) must be area of all my plans. I did not find , which is it url ?
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  1. https://github.com/paypal/PayPal-PHP-SDK/blob/master/lib/PayPal/Api/PaymentDefinition.php#L118

  2. No idea - I don’t have a PayPal sandbox

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Sounds like a wonderful question to ask Paypal Developer Support.

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Thank you for point 1) hint
As for point 2) I asked Paypal Developer Support and still did not get any feedback.
Maybe somebody knows it from expierence ?

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