About classes in Python

I’m solving one task but i can’t.

I have to realise the next one class: i have to keep info about students and their marks.

Class has the next one methods:
add(studentName, mark) - adding name and mark
mark - integer from 0 to 5
studentName - name

goodStudents() returns the list of students with marks > 4.

Solution form

class Students:
def add(self, studentName, mark):

def goodStudents(self):

My solution:

class Students:    
    def add(self, studentName, mark):
        self.studentName = studentName
        self.mark = mark
        self.data = {}
        self.data[mark] = studentName
def goodStudents(self):
    for key in self.data:
        if key > 4:
            return self.data[key]

But checking system says thet I’m wrong. What can do to put it right?

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