ABIT IP35-pro drivers problems Windows 7 X64

Abit is no longer offering support for windows 7 and i have a problem getting the BSOD fatal error.
I heared it’s from drivers. Windows 7 take my vista drivers but it is unstable so i really need original drivers for windows 7.

Any suggestions of what i can do ?

Thank you.

Doesn’t the manunfacturer have the original drivers for Windows 7? Did you check their website?

Because that’s what I would do, go to their page, download the drivers and install them

No it does not have the original drivers, i forgot to say that i have an ABIT IP35 PRO motherboard and ABIT no longer exist and it canot offer support for it.

Sorry, you said it in your first post.

Any way to get Windows XP drivers? It may work better than Vista’s. Windows 7 has more stuff from XP than Vista so they may be more stable even if they’re older.