ABC News: ATT Whistleblower reveals all Internet Traffics copied by N S A

All you do or say are now watched including here on sitepoint :smiley:

um, how to put this delicately…

the USA is ~not~ the whole world

it’s called the world wide web for a reason

please, folks, let’s not get the tinfoil hats out needlessly…

Internet is a distributed system, any TCP/IP packet transits around several infrastructure providers around the world. There are only a few giants which control the backbones of the internet.

The guy who is a technician at ATT for twenty years says all companies have accepted to cooperate. In fact the US Anti-terrorist Law now oblige them to do so and of course they don’t have to warn the client since their misbehavior will be protected. Google has sold for 20 Millions dollar some datas to gov their marketing just faints to protect user’s right to privacy …

This is not really new news, this happened a year ago or so. They listen to our phone calls and even search us at the airports in the USA too. :eek:

While I would rather not be spied on, if they want to follow me around the net, they can be just as bored as I am. :slight_smile:

There is all discourse around Opensource of Freedom: freedom of what ? These guys only talk about business, no one is defending real Freedom because the Commercial Interests is not to warn people about that.

Don’t you ask yourself why they would want to track every single person on the planet ? Don’t remember history ? It’s not just about jews, it’s about Eugenism, getting rid of the Useless like the Old and Sick ones and Political Control.

You think you have nothing to hide ? Are you sure ? When you’ll get Old and Sick or then you realize you now need to fight politically, they’ll know everything about you and all people like you enough to neutralize you.

You think Nazism have disappeared ? The same Bankers who financed Nazism and enrich thanks to Nazism are still here and even more powerfull.

If people don’t fight while they are still in age to do so, well it will be too late in the future. Do you realize how complacent everybody is becoming in front of privacy problem today ? It seems nobody really cares except the usual useless mantra.

They do not only copy but they do have a software that does semantics analysis

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