A way to view Prototype Object's properties in Firebug?

Hi all,

Just a curiosity really - is there a simple way of viewing the entire contents of a Function’s prototype object including user defined and default properties via Firebug?

I thought it would be as simple as say:

var derp = function(){};

and then clicking on the hyperlink in the left-hand pane but when I click on it, it just shows the constructor and none of the inherited stuff like like toString(), toSource() etc.

Any ideas? I hope that made sense :rofl:

Try having a dig around in chrome’s web developer tools instead (F12).


var MyObject = function MyObject(){};

// Output
function MyObject(){}
    constructor: function MyObject(){}
        arguments: null
        caller: null
        length: 0
        name: "MyObject"
        prototype: MyObject
        __proto__: function Empty() {}
            apply: function apply() { [native code] }
            arguments: null
            bind: function bind() { [native code] }
            call: function call() { [native code] }
            caller: null
            constructor: function Function() { [native code] }
            length: 0
            name: "Empty"
            toString: function toString() { [native code] }
            __proto__: Object
            <function scope>
         <function scope>
            Global: Window
    __proto__: Object
        __defineGetter__: function __defineGetter__() { [native code] }
        __defineSetter__: function __defineSetter__() { [native code] }
        __lookupGetter__: function __lookupGetter__() { [native code] }
        __lookupSetter__: function __lookupSetter__() { [native code] }
        constructor: function Object() { [native code] }
        hasOwnProperty: function hasOwnProperty() { [native code] }
        isPrototypeOf: function isPrototypeOf() { [native code] }
        propertyIsEnumerable: function propertyIsEnumerable() { [native code] }
        toLocaleString: function toLocaleString() { [native code] }
        toString: function toString() { [native code] }
        valueOf: function valueOf() { [native code] }
        get __proto__: function __proto__() { [native code] }
        set __proto__: function __proto__() { [native code] }