A way to make sure that the links you post in Google+ are considered to be “do follow

I am not sure if Google has done this on purpose, but some links that are posted in Google Plus are automatically tagged with a nofollow link attribute.

What should I do http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/images/icons/icon5.png

What can you do? FYI nothing

It is their web site - they get to decide which links they allow to be followed. If you want control over links then create your own web site instead of posting on someone esel’s site.

It also means that you have to post them on other social networking sites.
You have no control over the links you posted in Google+. You might as well join other social networking sites and post them in there.
It is the only way you can do for now. Besides, it could widen your reach by joining other sites.

Hey man, you can’t do anything. This is their website and they can do what they like.

Use the link option of the Google plus to post/share post with others as well as give catchy and fresh title to the post to attract more visitors. If you will post link without using “Link” option then Google will take it as nofollow. See this link for screenshots http://www.pr-blogger.com/how-to-make-all-your-google-links-dofollow

Thank you Mellisa, works very well!