A very strange facebook bug

I’m trying to log in and I receive this message: “Our systems show that this email address was recently removed from your account”.I can’t log in! I recently used the same email for another account, It seems that the email got removed from the old one, and there is NO WAY to log in in the old accound, which is my main account! Please HELP! Even tried to reset the password, and, In the page “Identify Your Account”, I fill the field “Email, phone or Facebook username” and the result is: “No Accounts Found. The information you provided does not belong to any account.” BUT MY ACCOUNT IS STILL HERE! I CAN FIND IT! HELP ME, PLEASE!

Don’t talk to us. Talk to the people at Facebook. They have their own support system.

Somebody intelligent, please?

There is no need to get offensive. Especially because it’s a very intelligent answer. Did you contact the FB helpdesk? They’re the only ones that can help you.

Unfortunately, as much as we would like to help, we can’t. You will need to speak to Facebook themselves. Be reminded that you can’t have two profiles though… and therefore you’ve broken ther TOS.

Not sure if you’ve verified your account with a cell number. If so, you may check if you can get it back with it.

That’s super unfortunate. Good luck figuring this out!