A title coming in 2 lines on different screen sizes

This is kind of a weird problem that is not happening in all the screen sizes. Only on relatively smaller sizes.

the problem is here

the word


is suppose to be in one line but its showing in 2 lines in smaller screens like this


I tested it with browser testers. Can any one suggest me how to solve this I’ll be grateful. Thanks!

[font=verdana]If there isn’t enough space to fit the two words on, they will wrap like that.

You can force browsers to display the two words side-by-side by replacing the space between them with   (non-breaking space). However, doing that could have other effects on your design at those screen sizes, if you force that block to take up more space than it has been allocated.[/font]

I noticed you have the div with the main content (“body”) inside your “menu” div and thus inside your “header” div. Is that done on purpose? It confused me a bit :smiley:

I didn’t create the site, just editing it. its confusing me too. I reduced the text size and it seems better but not sure if it is working on every browser.