A Short and Sweet List of the Best Freelancer Hacks

An excerpt from http://www.sitepoint.com/freelancer-hacks/, by Joshua Kraus

The amount of hats a freelancer has to wear is enough to open up a hat shop. Nay, a hat franchise.

A freelance web developer is also a receptionist and a marketer. A freelance writer is also an office manager and a salesman. These roles are not in the job description, but you’ll soon find out that when it comes to freelancing, the job description is a bit vague.

Use the following hacks to accomplish some of those pesky duties you didn’t see in the fine print.

Bringing Up The Budget

Like politics, religion and post-2002 Adam Sandler movies, money often makes for a very uncomfortable conversation topic. Broaching the subject can trip many freelancers up, but it’s something that must be established before anyone can move forward.

The project budget should be discussed during your first substantial conversation with the client.

First, ask about the client’s business.

Then ask about the problems they need solving.

Then tell them exactly how you are going to solve their problems and improve their business.

Then ballpark the cost.

By first explaining to the client how you’re going to solve their problem and then discussing payment, you’re making it much harder for the client to walk away or balk at the estimate. At this point in the conversation the client is already envisioning what their business will look like with your help. The budget is now secondary to the results.

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