A process, not a project

An article by John Metz https://medium.com/@jonbmetz/accessibility-is-a-process-not-a-project-ce1c1cdc3aa7

where it’s mentioned the problem with having accessibility as some QA step is that it’s always coming after design has designed and developers have developed.


Good article.

I’ll frequently tried to explain the idea that accessibility shouldn’t be something tagged on at the end “if required” , but built in from the start. Yet so many people seem resistant to this idea, despite the fact it’s cheaper and more logical.


Same with security. Once they get hacked, then it’s suddenly OH NOES WE WERE PWNED BY L33T HAXX0RZ and expensively shore up the gaping holes they had due to not checking for SQL-injection or some other ancient, well-known and defeated-by-following-standards hacks or whatever.

It’s like driving without brakes and just wildly hoping you never need to stop.

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I never bother about SQL injection. With proper validation/sanitizing as the first step on all inputs only actual valid data ever gets anywhere near the database.

Those who worry about SQL injection have left themselves open to a junk flood attack - billions of junk records added to their database.

Another example of where proper design in the first place means that things are so much easier later with actually testing the code…

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