A printable list of check boxes selected from several recipes (opinion's preferred)

Hi all,

I have a website that is a recipe site for my family, far and wide across the US and Europe. The DB is completely normalized (if that makes a difference in the answers I hope to get.). My code is php and javascript with some CSS, and now I want to add a feature.

I’m thinking of adding check boxes beside the list of ingredients to the recipe they are looking at.

Don’t know if I’ve attached a screenshot properly or not, but this is an example of a recipe currently. I want to utilize a check box, so that if I need that particular ingredient I will select it. Then when I’m done reviewing the recipe, I can click on a button that will say something like Add ingredients to my Grocery list. It will take the checked items and put them on a new page… or save the list to the DB (I’m not sure which would be the best choice here). I want the user to be able to go look at as many recipes as they wish and keep adding to their list and then allow them to print. Should I take the checked items and create a new table to store the data until they are ready to print, or could I keep adding to an open page, so I don’t have to create anything new in my DB.

I can do either (I think), I just want to do it the best way the first time. :slight_smile:

Sessions would persist as long as the person doesnt break the session (spend too much time between pageloads, or close the browser).

A database solution would be a bit more intensive on server operation, but would be a more lasting solution if you foresee that being an issue.
If using the database, it would (depending on your construction) be a join table between ingredients and user, probably with a quantity count (so that you can have more than one of the same ingredient.)

Great! I have a session for each user, so I will begin building on the session and do some testing. I might be posting again since it’s been three years since I’ve done any coding. :slight_smile: