A Peek at Ruby in 2015

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As 2014 comes to a close, I thought I’d take a quick look at what 2015 may offer in the land of Ruby. Much of how 2015 opens will, obviously, be based on the final words of 2014, so we’ll start with some discussion of this year and try to extrapolate that into the future. Also, I am going to focus in on Ruby and Rails, more than anything else, mainly because it’s what I know.

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Great suggestions. I think it is also worth mentioning the Volt Framework and, in connection with Volt, Fire. Being able to write frontends with Fire (presumably in Opal) could be a pretty big game-changer. Let us see.

Excellent. I need to check Volt out myself, thanks for commenting!

Great article :slight_smile:
Also worth mentioning:

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Here the missing links:

@bennyklotz thanks so much for the suggestions. I have updated the article accordingly! Yay!

@ruprict awesome thanks :slight_smile:

Lots to look forward to! Also excited to see the progress with Matz’s baby embedded Ruby (mruby).

There’s also Passenger Phusion 5 AKA Raptor.

That’s pretty interesting. Have you tried using it in a production/work environment yet? Just curious. :smile:

Concerning Trailblazer, there is a new book about it available on Leanpub . I’m really excited about Trailblazer, it looks pretty amazing.

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