A not-error issue

Hello, everyone,

I’ve got a page (let’s call it “main.cfm”) that contains a form (id=“indexing”) and an iframe (that loads “info.cfm”).

info.cfm has JS code that is supposed to “check” a radio element in main.cfm:

parent.document.forms["indexing"].indexType[0].checked = true;

Every time I load the page, FireFox will open F12 developer tool and highlight the above code. NO ERROR MESSAGES APPEAR. None… at all… nada. It’s within a try/catch, and I’m iterating the error data, but all that does is give me the line number and character position (which just points to the above code), with no indication of what is wrong. AND it’s still executing the code properly - the first radio element is checked, after it runs!

Any ideas? Why is FF opening developer tools if there’s no error??



Where is indexType coming from. I’ve never seen that in javascript before.

indexType is the name of the radio array.

Actually, I just found the issue (at least, I think I have.)

Immediately following the code to check the first radio, I called a function in the parent that would ‘highlight’ the checked radio element text with a gold border. In the parent, I assigned the function to a variable. In the iframe, I included the () after the function name (which is the same as the variable name.) I removed the () from the command, and the F12 window (at least, for now) stopped opening. (rolling eyes) Blame it on lack of sleep.