<a href="">Anchor</a> into image

This is a strange request, but hear goes:

I have a file which has this in it:

<a href="http://www.google.com" class="google-link">Go to Google</a>
// * it's not Google, but it gives an idea of what I am doing

I then include that file in about five different sites (save re-writing it). There’s more going on but this helps to explain it easier.

Each of the sites can then have this in its own CSS file:
.google-link {
color: red;
/* etc. */

Can I style it with an image and get rid of the text using only CSS? That way some sites can have the text link and some can have a bespoke image and I won’t have to change the include file.

I can of course just change it and write specific HTML for each site, but thought I would ask!

A quick Google search revealed:





You can use a simple image replacement technique, as demonstrated here:


Just add in an empty span (or other inline element like <b></b> and use CSS to position this over the text.