A:hover color not changing


I am having another issue with my subpages.


On the right side I do not want any mouse over, I want it to be white, same as the link. Screenshot below:

Thanks in advance.

.td_module_6 .entry-title a{ color: #FFF; }
Yes, you havent changed the behavior of a:hover.

It’s the same problem I mentioned in the other thread and its the action of hovering on the parent block that is changing the color of the anchor. You can test this as you can hover on the background and the anchor changes color.

This is the rule that is styling that block and many others.

.td-theme-wrap .td_uid_7_5c4f36645033e_rand .td_module_wrap:hover .entry-title a,  
.td-theme-wrap .td_uid_7_5c4f36645033e_rand .td_quote_on_blocks,  
.td-theme-wrap .td_uid_7_5c4f36645033e_rand .td-opacity-cat .td-post-category:hover,  
.td-theme-wrap .td_uid_7_5c4f36645033e_rand .td-opacity-read .td-read-more a:hover,  
.td-theme-wrap .td_uid_7_5c4f36645033e_rand .td-opacity-author .td-post-author-name a:hover,  
.td-theme-wrap .td_uid_7_5c4f36645033e_rand .td-instagram-user a {
	color: #c72020;

Specifically for the section you highlighted above it’s part of this rule:

.td-theme-wrap .td_uid_7_5c4f36645033e_rand .td_module_wrap:hover .entry-title a {
	color: #fff;

If you want to change all those others to white then include the whole block from the first snippet.

As I mentioned before these long chains of selectors make maintenance a nightmare and is not a good approach to a modular design. The simpler things are the easier they are to maintain and update.


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