A good CLI library

I was searching packagist for a usefull and full-featured cli library and found several thousands! Of course I cannot evaluate all of them to find the best, so which one do you suggest?
my needs:

  1. ability to provide prompt to get inputs
  2. ability to define parameters e.g. -h etc.
  3. ability to define different colors for prompts/messages/errors/outputs etc.
    Isn’t symphony console the best? or is there something better?

Symfony’s console component. http://symfony.com/doc/current/components/console/introduction.html

If you want a good read about it too: https://leanpub.com/b/symfonyrainbowseries#symfonyframeworkdeepdive-console


Between CLImate and Symfony’s console which one is more powerful? what are cons/pros vs each other?

You’ll have to figure that out yourself. :wink:


may be I have my own idea, but interested to know other’s idea too if you share your idea.

CLImate is much simpler than the Symfony component. For slim, stand-alone script to run at the command line I like using CLImate. When building an application that includes internal scripts that need to be organized and have shared functionality Symfony Console would be the way to go.

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