A form builder with a 1-time payment that works with Squarespace?

Is there such a thing?
All the form builder apps have crazy $30/mo plans.
Isn’t there even one with a 1-time payment?

Hi @altar I’m afraid there is a good reason why they are expensive. They are not simple software and they are where things can go real bad for your business if they don’t have the proper security. I have written form builder apps and they are long tedious hectic work. I’m sorry I cannot point you to any free good ones out there but if your business relies heavily on them you’re better off paying the fees for a quality form builder. Building forms from scratch is a long and complicated process so it might actually be worth it

I’m not looking for free stuff, but a 1-time payment or a low monthly sub.
$30/mo seems way too much.
I’ll make-do with Squarespace’s one for the time being, something reasonable will surely come around in the near future.

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