A dreamweaver question: changing multiple files in one go

A folder in Dreamweaver has about 600 files. They are are coded much the same way. I want to change each of them in exactly the same way - same code, same wording.
There has to be a way - surely - to highlight them and drag them onto the stage.
Usually each file wants its own coding, so you drag them onto the stage one at a time.
But this is a huge number to have exactly the same message added on.
Be very grateful if anyone can tell me the way to manage it, please.
Cheers paul

I don’t know anything about php but can’t you just do a ‘search and replace’ from the dreamweaver code editor and select the folder you want it to search through. As long as its one block of code you want to change and is consistent in all the files it will search through and replace them all in one go in a few seconds.

Always make sure you always back up first because its a powerful feature that cause havoc if you do it wrong.

Thanks very much for your reply, Paul. Well, I’ve just taken about 500 files - well, lines of a list - from the ‘files’ division of Dreamweaver and dragged them onto the stage.
It’s a wonderful test of patience.
It seems to me that there must to a way to highlight all of the, well, list and drag them all onto the stage in one go.
I’ve tried all sorts of variations, but without success. Then - not finding any other way - did them one at a time. It’s not exactly fun.
It’s for my site eBookTrove dot com which every year gets hits by the American DMCA rules. This year, they’ve zapped more than 600.
I bought the ebooks, I don’t sell them. I give them away to help boost the interest in ebooks. But to fight the ruling would cost much more than I possess in legal fees.
I don’t want to just fling the books off. I want to show why they are no longer available. It’s a challenge when it comes to coding a list.
As I say - as I hope - there must be a way to drag multiple files across.
Thanks very much for your suggestion.
All the best from cloudy London

Yes, that’s called “crime”. That’s kinda why they are hassling you so much. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did you also purchase or otherwise obtain the right to redistribute them?

Gentlemen, we seem to be veering into an area rather removed from Dreamweaver. I was explaining to PaulOB why I had that daunting task - to move more than 500 files from a folder onto the working stage of Dreamweaver. There must be a way to do it in bulk rather than one at a time. (It took an age to do.)

Of course, I follow the subtlety of the distribution rights, but let me ask you what happens when you buy a book from a bookstore. Are you allowed to give it to anyone you like? Can anyone tell you to put it back on your bookshelf and keep it only for yourself?

I can imagine your reply to that, naturally. But the book you have bought from the bookstore has been beautifully fashioned out of paper and cardboard with lots of ink. Each one cost quite a lot to produce.

The book - or hundreds of books - you are welcome to from my eBookTrove doesn’t/don’t actually exist - not without our gadgetry. They are just bits of electrics.

I know there are answers to that, of course, and US politicians have been offered them, too, though I expect they didn’t actually understand what was being said.

The ban is applied as if the books did exist, as if they were products produced by publishers and printers. They aren’t, as you’ll know well from your own trades in this magic web world. I bought them therefore I am entitled to leave them in my tablets, or give them away. And I emphasise the giving away. I make nothing out of it, there’s not even advertising, only pleasure in encouraging more and more people to adopt the delightful ebook habit.

Most people use Trove to ‘taste’ books. If they like them, they buy the real thing from their bookshop. eBooks are great, but you can’t display them on your bookshelves.

Cheers, gentlemen, and thank you for saying how it is for you. Mostly I only hear from Trove visitors … and legal firms, of course.

Let me emphasize that you are not “gifting” them. Essrentially you are reproducing and republishing them.

If I buy a hard copy book I can lend or gift it - the one book.
I can not copy it, print it, and give the copies away.

Unless you have permission from the author/publisher, what you are doing is not only unethical but illegal.

That said, did you try shift key or control key - select ?

Does that mean that you take the ebook off your site and destroy all of the copies you have just as soon as the first person downloads it? If you are not doing that then you are not giving away your copy as you still have it.

Both of those, Mittineague, thanks very much, and with a couple of keys pressed at the same time. I think you are onto something, though. I suspect it must be some combination similar to that.

A search online didn’t produce an answer, but somehow I think there must be a way to drag many files. Thanks very much for the thought.

You do realise that you’re illegally giving away (at least) one of our books, yeah?

Certainly not intentionally, Hawk. There’s more praise on the page for Sitepoint than anything else. However, realising this morning that it is not appreciated, I have removed the tutorials.
As you probably saw, the intention was for the example to be tasted with my strong encouragement - plus link - for interested souls to go to Sitepoint and to buy it.
The original spirit of the internet wasn’t about capitalism and vast profit, Hawk. That wasn’t why we were building websites back at the beginning. Cheers.

Neither was farming…

Regardless of your view on what you are doing, it is against the law.

Having spent the last few months watching my partner working incredibly hard writing a SitePoint book (outside of his day job), I know just how much work is involved, so when people decide off their own backs to give things away without permission it can be upsetting.

Thanks for taking them down.

You know, I whole heartedly think you believed you were doing the right thing, and part of me loves the fact that you liked our stuff so much that you wanted to share it with everyone.

But unfortunately if everyone did that, what little money we actually make from books would dry up, and if that happens we can’t pay authors to write new books, or keep the older ones up to date, or pay to maintain and host these forums.

Granted the books aren’t our only revenue stream, but if people stop paying for books, as a business, creating books doesn’t make much sense. Everything we do is all inter connected and because of that we have to be really protective of our copyrighted materials. Sites like yours, however good intentioned, hurt our ability to support our staff, our authors and provide quality new books in the future.

Also are you aware that we actually have a service called Learnable that offers unlimited online access to our entire library of books (plus courses and videos…). I think the price is about $9/month these days? which I personally believe is quite reasonable.

But yeah. I believe we will still have to send you a takedown notice as to protect our selves and our authors. But I believe your intentions were good, but thank you for taking them down. It’s greatly appreciated.


Quite understand, Orodio, and many thanks for putting it so pleasantly. I made nothing out of the ebooks referred to, nor intended to. However, personally they helped me very much in my coding and webwork. Yes, not only was I there using Sitepoint back in the early days, but as soon as I heard of Learnable, I joined up, and have done since, both with annual memberships and monthlies, and with encouraging messages.
It’s ironic that yours - Sitepoint and Learnable - are probably the ones that I believe have done - are doing - the greatest good online. Well, when certain companies that we can name announce absolutely stupendous profit then you might fear you are doing something wrong.
To help people, to advance people, and not to desire to take advantage of them, not to indulge in the most enormous kind of greed mankind has ever witnessed, has to be the action of men, of - dare I say it - real men, of people who care, who are putting some great advantage into society. I put Sitepoint and Learnable in that category.
Thank you enormously for your great good … and apologies for appearing to step on your toes. It was never meant that way.
Keep going, keep up the good work of improving our development skills

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