A Competition For Photographers!

With the launch of our latest book Photography For The Web we have decided to do something a bit different - a competition - but with photographers in mind.

The format is going to be treasure hunt style - we’ll be giving you a series of things to photograph - and there will be some great prizes, ranging from copies of our new book to a grand prize which is pretty fantastic.

I’m nailing down the details now, but the competition will launch on Monday so I’ll be back with specifics in the next day or so.

I’m too busy with work and things so haven’t got time to do this. Have fun with it everyone else!

[FONT=“Georgia”]Day 3 is just starting.

(click the link ^)


Sounds interesting. I’d like to be involved.


The winner was chosen and I moved my updated post to here.


Well thank you Judge for all the work critiquing the photos. Nicely done. When will the next photo contest be?

I cannot wait! When do we start?!


To quote

The Rules:


Photos must be shot in allocated 24 hour period. Photos from five years ago are not allowed.

Entrants may take part as many times as they like, but an entrant may only win once (except for the grand prize, for which everyone that submits 7 photos goes into the draw to win).

No goofy Photoshop effects or overdone photo-manipulation. Entrants are allowed to correct colour, contrast, and make minor tweaks such as removing litter or distracting objects from a photo, but no surreal colours or crazy filters.

900 - 2000 px length for the longer side of the photograph.

DPI doesn’t matter.


Upload as attachments or the threads will start taking forever to load.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Have a look at this thread for the details.


That sound absolutely fantastic! can you please tell me that can the photo have been taken already.and what’s the licensing agreement to use the photo’s.

I want to participate. Please tell me How I can participate? and Where is information to post phost photos.

Hi guys,

It seems to be great so i’ll definitely consider about that as it is really interesting.



I’ll have to dust off my camera and put in some good batteries :goof:

@ParkinT Do you mean the Photo Challenge - What is it? Sticky?

Personally I don’t see why you couldn’t mention it there, though there won’t be much of a “what is it” if members need to know what to photograph beforehand.

It sounds interesting. Can the photo have been taken already? What is the licensing agreement for the photo? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure exactly what you mean as I don’t spend any time in this forum, but in theory - sure!

I’ll post the rules shortly :slight_smile:

That sounds awesome!!! :slight_smile: I love treasure-hunt type things. I will definitely try to be involved <3

[FONT=“Georgia”]woo hoo!


Can we promote this competition over on the “Monthly Photo Challenge” area in ‘Photography’?