A big walk

So, here we are at long last … it doesn’t seem that long ago that today was two years into the future and nothing to worry about, and then it was months away, and then weeks, and days, and now it’s not much more than 36 hours until I’m lining up to start a sponsored walk. A 64 mile sponsored walk. We set off from Skipton at 7am on Saturday and we aim to complete the hilly course through the Yorkshire Dales and get back to Skipton by midday on Sunday, and we only stop for food, coffee and clean socks. And the weather forecast is for rain, rain and more rain :umbrella:

Why am I doing this? Right now, that seems like a very good question! It’s a huge personal challenge, but most of all it’s for Oxfam and all the fantastic work they do around the world.

So if anyone can arrange for some better weather than what’s promised, that would be fab. If anyone would like to sponsor me, that would be even fabber. And if you want to see how I’m getting on over the weekend, you can track my progress round the course (we are team 003).

Wish me luck!

You’ll have no shortage of scenery to look at, whether wet or not. Enjoy your journey

I was just thinking about this the other day and hoping you hadn’t forgotten your promise to let us know when it happened. Hope all goes well, and the weather has the decency not to rain on you.

I look forward to a full report after the event.

Good luck! Sounds like it’ll be an experience!


This is their current update

You may regret saying that! Here’s the full report…. It turns out I may have a tendency to get carried away when writing.

Great report, @StevieD. I almost felt I was there - except I’m dry and my feet don’t hurt.

Congratulations to you all - and a sixth-place finish! Wow! That really is some achievement.

Would you consider doing it again, or is it definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing?

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