7 Tips for Creating an App to Help Mental Illness

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Have you ever thought of creating an app to aid those affected by mental health? The role of mobile phone apps in mental health treatment is a relatively new tool. Apps can be utilized by mental health practitioners, individuals interested in mental well being, those treated from an addiction as well as those with chronic debilitating psychiatric conditions. Various studies suggest that people with mental health conditions are interested in using apps in their treatment and thus increasing the likelihood of adoption.

But what makes a good mental health app and how can you ensure you are making something worthwhile? In this article I'll look at the detail of the mental health sector, explore some interesting apps and innovations and discuss the challenges for developers.

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great article. as someone who suffers from mental illness, it would be good to see how things progress.

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We will be having more on this topic soon! A few more deep dives with developers of some mental health related apps.

Excellent! I’m a mental health professional, and I do my own websites and program in Ruby (a very rare bird, indeed, be assured). I didn’t expect much from this article - a relatively obscure subject, I thought. But my expectations were far exceeded. This is VERY well done, and I almost certainly make real use of it. I’m truly grateful for the work you put in on this, Cate. Thanks so much!


One of the apps I use for stress and depression problems is Buddify. Yes it costs, but the mindfulness meditations are laid out in a beautiful colour wheel that cheers me up, they are easy to access, and friendly voices guide clever, funny meditations that really help me. Definitely worth inclusion on a list of mental health apps. Also, with the name reflecting Buddha rather than mentioning mental health, it scores on the stigma count - you look like a bit of a hippie instead of being misunderstood as “mental”.

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Great tip, thanks!

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