500 Internal Server Error nginx/1.2.6 (Ubuntu)

500 Internal Server Error

nginx/1.2.6 (Ubuntu)


rewrite or internal redirection cycle while internally redirecting to “/error/403.html”, client:, server: testlab.yocabe.it, request: “GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1”, host: “testlab.yocabe.it”


Redirecting to /error/403.html is nominally correct (using ErrorDocument 404 /error/403.html?) but Apache does look first at the server’s root directory so it may be necessary to change your absolute redirection from internal to external (http://www.example.com/error/403.html).



Except that isn’t apache that is nginx.

It sounds like your server doesn’t have permission on /error/403.html so it is getting an access denied error when throwning an access denied error. That said I don’t actually see a question there.