5 wordpress installations on one domain?

I’m having a site re-modeled. It will have a number of new sections, and each section needs its own hierarchy of information.

We will be using wordpress (another CMS is not an option).

Since we do not have a lot of time for custom work, the only option I see is to install a new wordpress for each section.

Since time is of the essence here, I am thinking we can worry about integrating everything into a single platform later on.

I like to hear if someone has experience with something like this, or has any comments/advice

Why not try WPMU? I think it would simplify things for you.

That is a possibility yes, hadn’t considered that.

But I am not sure if I would still have complete flexibility for each blog? I mean, if I want one blog to be a directory (running directorypress for example) and another to be something completely different (a standard blog for example)