421 Service not available, remote server timed out. Connection closed

For many weeks now I’ve been able to ftp into my server at home. Starting yesterday it now gives me this error message about 1-2 minutes after logging in: 421 Service not available, remote server timed out. Connection closed.

What’s wrong? Please help.


421 is normally the error message for too many users. But it can be thrown for other reasons (Service not available etc) like you said.

What’s wrong? - Really hard to tell with little to nothing information wise…care to elaborate a little? :wink:
(i.e. type of server, define server at home, how did you try to connect (ftp program, command line), how is that server attached to the net, did you install or reconfigure your firewall recently (if applicable), etc etc)

Ingo :smiley:

The server is my laptop running OS X 10.3. I connect to it with my other OS X 10.3 laptop via the command line (Terminal). They’re online with DSL. I’ve never done anything with a firewall.

Everything normally runs very simply and I use the command line 90% of the time to ftp files to the server laptop and about 10% of the time use Dreamweaver. Now, neither of them work and keep giving error messages such as the one above and also: 500 Illegal EPRT command rejected
200 PORT command successful.

So you’re connecting to that server via your internal network, right?

Then did you try to ping that server? - any reply/timeout/problems?
Can you connect to the server via normal network access?

Ingo :smiley:

In terminal try this command “ftp -A ftp.yoursite.com” or “ftp -P ftp.yoursite.com

It sounds like something it getting messed up with the way it handling active and passive FTP and is due to a firewall issue. But this is just a guess and something to try. Have you tried to FTP into something else? Do you know what kind of server it is (linux, nt, etc)

No. I’m connecting via the server’s WAN IP - not the LAN IP.

Yes, No, and Yes.

Same probem as before. I forgot to mention that when it does let me transfer a file, all the data gets stripped from it and therefore it’s nothing but a blank document. The server is Apache on OS X 10.3.

You have a OSX server and your using terminal and ftp??.. WebDav… WebDav!!!

Anyway… hmmm this is right up my ally and I can’t say I have seen this. In your system preferences:sharing make sure your firewall is off. If you want I could try and log in (i have 10.3.1 as well), this way we can find out if its the server or the client.

PM me if you wish.

Oh also is the firewall on the server running? I would turn that off if its on just to trouble shoot… I have seen the servers built in firewall cause problems with FTP.

I gotta do this one step at a time. I haven’t learned about webDAV yet.

I set up a user account for you and PM’d you the info.